Emily Colson

Author, Speaker, Artist, Advocate

Emily Colson is an author, speaker, artist, and advocate. In her book, Dancing with Max, Emily and her late father, Chuck Colson, share the struggle and beauty of life with Max, Emily’s now adult son with autism. Emily has shared her story of hope throughout churches nationwide and on multiple media outlets.

In 2020 Emily and Max launched Heart by Max, a mission born in quarantine, as Max began painting and gifting heart yard signs. Now there are over 40,000 Heart by Max note cards in circulation, with all proceeds going to charity. The hearts also grace Heart by Max Apparel, which is beautifully packaged with a message of God’s love and the value He has placed in every life. With each item purchased, an item is gifted to a life affirming charity. Partnering with their church, over 1,000 Heart by Max shirts have carried a message of love and hope into Ukraine.

Emily serves on the board of The Colson Center, as well as Your Options Medical pregnancy centers. Visit EmilyColson.com for more information.

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