JP De Gance

Founder and CEO of Communio

JP is the co-author of the book, Endgame: The Church’s Strategic Move to Save Faith and Family in America and the founder and president of Communio, a nonprofit that equips churches to become evangelizing hubs for healthy relationships, marriages, and the family. Originally incubated as the Culture of Freedom Initiative at The Philanthropy Roundtable where he served as the organization’s executive vice president, the Initiative raised and spent $20 million over three years in three different states seeking to identify the most effective strategies to boost marital health and family stability. The experimental initiative worked with an ecumenical network of churches and drove down the divorce rate by 24 percent in Jacksonville, FL. Since then, JP has led Communio to partner with churches across the country to help strategically design and run their own Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministries®. A husband and father, JP lives in Virginia with his amazing wife Christina and their 8 young children.

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What The Family Reveals About God